Friday, March 23, 2012

{jump rope}

I have been having some fun with the SRM Tubes!  They are so versatile, so fun and so easy to create with!  I found this awesome pink and white rope at my local home improvement store and thought the mini tubes would make great handles for a jump rope!  And they did,  :)

All I did was drill a hole in the bottom of the tube, pulled the rope through and knotted it. I filled the tube with beads and twine for a jewelry making craft.  I used the We've Got Your Border stickers (Birthday) to decorate the tube. 

I made a customized tag with colorful letter beads and more of the border stickers! 

A cute birthday party favor and activity any young girl would love!

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope happy finds you in a great big way today! 


  1. oh my gosh that jump rope is the cutest idea ever!!! love it!!!

  2. Seriously! I would have loved this as a little girl! What a great idea!!

  3. Pure brilliance Jan!! What a creative project!

  4. Slamming the front door!! This project is over-the-top clever and so flippin' creative I can hardly stand it. So proud of you, Jan!! :) :)

  5. You are amazing!! That is too cute!


If you want to be happy, be.

~Leo Tolstoy