Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{12 months}

It's my turn on the SRM blog today! I have always had a "thing" for calendars!  I love filling in the month with activities and appointments.  I love being able to look at a glance and see what is going on in the week ahead.  Using SRM stickers and a dry erase calendar, I have made a perpetual calendar that will make organizing my family's activities so easy!
I found a great dry erase calendar at my local office supply store, I have since seen something similar (and less expensive!) at Target.  I bought some magnet sheets and a role of magnets at my local craft supply store. I then adhered all of the stickers from the SRM Calendar Companion sheet and adhered them to white card stock.  I cut them out and added a small strip of magnet on the back of each one.  I adhered a full magnet sheet on the back of the calendar for storage of the pieces that I'm not using for any given month.  I also used the large Calendar Numbers.
SRM Calendar Companion Perpetual Calendar
Some details:
This is how I store all the pieces of the calendar:
SRM has a full compliment of stickers that could be used for this project!  This would be a fun project to do with your kids, it would be a wonderful monthly activity for them to set up their own calendar. 
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope happy finds you in the most meaningful of ways, friends!


  1. Such a fun project!!! Awesome calendar!!!

  2. oh my gosh your calender is sooo fun!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  3. What a brilliant idea! Love this project Jan!!

  4. Saw this on FB earlier and just fell in LOVE!!! This is JUST GORGEOUS!!!! AMAZING!!!!


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