Monday, December 5, 2011

{card sharks} cheeky valentine

We have 3 new challenges up on the Nook blog this week for the Card Sharks Contest.  One, which is due today (yes, ever the procrastinator) is to make a love themed Valentine card.  I'm not really the mushy/lovey dovey kinda gal so I went a bit cheeky.  :) 

c'mon baby...

I participated in my first ever scrappy "garage sale" at my LSS yesterday.  As I was getting ready for it, my 15 year old asked me if I was a hoarder.  Seriously?  I told him I preferred the term, collector.   :)   I made up kits with leftover paper and embellies and sold over half of them.  Got rid of almost all my stamps and some tools I just don't use anymore. I will know the final amount tomorrow when I pick up my GC.  I still have more to sell so I'm looking forward to the next one!

Happy Monday, friends.  I hope happy finds you today!


  1. Lol! Collector, love it! Sounds like you did pretty well. Cute card Jan!

  2. Jan - this is adorable!!! I love how you incorprated the matches. Brilliant!
    Congrats on selling some of your 'collection' - hope you have fun spending that gc!

  3. ohhhh that is the perfect valentines card!!!! I love how sweet it is!!!! tooooo cute!!!

  4. Yay! Congrats on selling your goodies! It will be fun to get that GC!

    I love your card! Awesome!

  5. OMG love this! And what a cute blog! Adorable!

  6. What a cute card! Congrats on selling lots the LSS garage sale! How fun!

  7. OMG! I love this Jan. So sassy and fun.


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