Friday, November 11, 2011

{card sharks} week1

The first challenge at the Nook's Card Shark contest (apparently our first card was challenge zero)  ;) is based on the card game, Phase 10.  Apparently you build on each hand you're dealt until you finish the 10 phases of the game.  Can you tell I've never played?  ;)  Well, our challenge is to make a card in 3 phases.  With certain criteria to meet, we have to create a base, photograph it and then embellish it in any way we like and finally photograph the finished card and post it to their blog

Seek  (base)

Seek  (finished)

Paper: MME, Flower: Prima, Cabon: Papier Valise, Sentiment: Authentique, Other: hand stitching, ribbon

Sometimes a piece of pattern paper is so pretty I don't want to do much to it.  I stitched over the ribbon on the dress form and added some stitching to frame it out on the sides.  I cut out the middle of the flower and added that cabon because I thought it was a little too much pink.  Added a couple loops of the twine ribbon and called it a day. 

Today, I am thankful for the sun that is shining on this cold fall morning.  (and for the coffee I will be getting shortly, shhhh.)  :)   Thanks for stopping by, I hope happy finds you today!


  1. Gorgeous card my friend. Love your finishing touches.

  2. Beautiful card! Love the natural trim!

  3. So cool to see your process Jan - another gorgeous card here!!


If you want to be happy, be.

~Leo Tolstoy