Saturday, March 12, 2011

{the smaller} the better

Back when I was a family of one, sans kiddos and hubs, I drove a really small car.  Small.  It was a black Honda CRX and possibly my favorite car ever.  (I also drove a Yugo, but that's a story for another time.  Or maybe not.)  ;)  I loved zipping around town in my little CRX.  And parking?  A breeze.  I could park that car anywhere.  I still adore small cars, which is funny, because I drive a full-size conversion van at the moment.  I'm always admiring the Smart cars, the Minis and the Bugs when they zip by me. Dreaming of the day I can trade in my Mom car for my Me car.  :)  My dream car?  Not a fancy sports car or a fast muscle car, but a Mini Cooper!   I like the really old models from back in the day (Italian Job, anyone?), but would settle for a shiny new one in my driveway any day of the week! 

What got me dreaming about a small car? Why this of course!  Cute, no?

A crochet covered Smart car!  It made me smile yesterday and I for one love to pass those smiles on!

I did manage to get a little crafty yesterday, in the form of a card:

I made this for Lisa's Spring Banner Challenge over at My Sketch World.

I'm hoping to get my craft on today!  Let me know what your dream car is! Happy Saturday, friends!


  1. Cute cute car Jan! Too funny about the car! I'm the complete opposite. Give me a big ole crew cab Chevy any day! haha!

  2. That car is small, but cute!

    Beautiful card, Jan! Love the blue and orange color combo and all the stitching. You rocked the challenge! Thanks for playing!

  3. Small cars just have something.. The card is lovely! i love the colours!!


  4. One word: MUSTANG. I love me a mustang!! Any color, I'm not picky! That croceted smart car is too much!! :) I really love your card...the colors, hand stitched orange, scalloped banner. All of it is so pretty & feels like Spring!

  5. Very cute - the car and the card - love your color combo Jan - and those sweet little striped pennants.
    My fave car was a Honda too - a black Civic coupe - loved that little car!

  6. Thanks for coming by and leaving such a kind comment on my Haiku mini-book. Your crochet car really brought a smile to my face which is great as I'm just stunned by what's happened in Japan now.


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~Leo Tolstoy