Sunday, December 19, 2010

{tag #4} tinsel & twig

I love our Christmas tree.  It holds ornaments made my tiny hands long ago.  It holds ornaments that were gifts that I hold dear.  I love the slow shift in light, from beautiful colors to glorious white.  There is nothing I like more than to sit in our darkened family room and watch the beautiful lights of our tree.  In honor of the magic of Christmas trees everywhere, from Charlie Brown's most humble tree to the beautiful tree at Rockefeller Center in NYC,  I bring you this.

Tinsel & Twig Tag #4: The Magic of Christmas

To make the tree, cut 8 Christmas tree shapes out of 2 different shades of green cardstock.  Fold all but one down the middle using a bone folder.  Position the tree you didn't fold where you like it on the tag.  Apply adhesive to one side of a folded tree and adhere to one side of the tree on the tag.  Adhere one side of the next tree to the one you just placed on your tag.  Continue to do this until you need to glue both sides of the last tree you add.  Add pearls or bling.  I used an old typewriter key as my base.

May the holiday season be full of magic for you, friends!


  1. oh this another favorite of mine?? I so love the 3-D effect, Jan! The colored pearls on the green look fab and the button stitched star at the top - too sweet!!! I love my Christmas tree too. :)

  2. Jan - you're killing me with these gorgeous tags...and this one is no exception. That dimensional tree is outstanding - love how you even decorated it! A tribute to your tree and trees all over, indeed!
    (I sit and stare at our tree, too :)

  3. that is one cuuuuute tag!! and yes, staring at the lit tree in the dark is one of my holiday joys too!

  4. Jan, you are AMAZING! Enough said:) Merry Christmas:)

  5. Oh man, your making me want to sit and scrap some tags to swap out for the icky old ones I used!


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