Saturday, August 28, 2010

{alphabet soup}

It's about time to wrap up the ABC Summer Crop over at My Sketch World.   The deadline for getting the challenges done is midnight PST September 6th.  I have 10 more challenges to do and I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll have the time to finish all of them. 

Until then, I will leave you with my cards for the U & W Challenges!

Use the letter U on a card:

Use the word "wish" on a card:

I'm not sure what is going on with my camera, I tried for 2 days to get good photos of both of these cards, but it wasn't happening.  Maybe new batteries?  I give up for now. 

Happy Saturday, friends!!


  1. I think your photos are looking just fine!
    These cards are gorgeous - what is the base on that lower card - is it embossed? It looks like it has a ton of texture. Both gorgeous - I need to get working on those challenges!!

  2. Wow! I agree you photos look great! I am awful with photos so can't offer any words of wisdom. Sorry. :-( But I can say your cards are smokin' hot! I love the second one with the big flower! Awww. It stole my heart!

  3. Great cards!! They are so unique. I really love the flowers on the W card!

  4. What pretty cards Jan! Gorgeous work!

  5. your cards are fabulous.. hoping to learn lots from you this term working together..fabulous style, design and colour.. amazing job..

  6. love these cards, jan! kudos to you for getting all these challenges done!


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